A Better Friend

Idea for Concepts by Brennan Novak


One day I realized I was wasting an absurd about of time toggling between different services while I was sharing links, videos, and music with the different people in my life. I noticed each social group seemed to use a different channel to communicate. Most of my music friends were (still) on MySpace, while almost all of my nerd friends used Twitter, my family and random friends i've met traveling were mostly on Facebook, and still have a few aunts and uncles who still use only email to keep in touch.

Asynchronous & Synchronous

Human relationships are different. Some are casual and public. Some are more private. And while others are only one way friendships (fans, readers, groupies, etc...). Our social communication should reflect this and allow us to communicate with people in the fashion we feel is proper.

After I sketched out the idea, I realized while I was really excited about it- the engineering chops + time commitment required to build even a working prototype- was beyond what I felt confident with even attempting to start.*


*A few months after the initial inception of the idea I started building a social web app. I designed it so that the architecture could support an idea like a better friend. A months few months after that the idea became clearer and Social-Igniter was born. Now almost a year later SI is almost ready to launch and while still a bit far from my above outlined idea, the basic foundation is laid.

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