Hi. Thanks for trying to get in touch. I look forward to meeting, collaborating, or hanging out with you. My preferred method is in real life, the next best is email or jabber (preferably encrypted).






A cafe or interesting event near you :-)

Social Media

I sparsely use social media as I find these “pseudo private” surveillance / distraction pits unhealthy. I wrote an essay on quiting Facebook. These are active profiles I cannot manage to quit or avoid.

These are inactive profiles I once used and still have access should I need them.


I prefer encryption as when well implemented it allows conversations to be actually private. Some encryption is hard to use, some is not. You may already be using it and not know. Wanna learn more? Perhaps attend a CryptoParty. Rudimentary understanding of encryption is crucial to privacy, security, and freedom in an increasingly digitized world. Journalists, lawyers, doctors, accountants, and programmers should all seriously consider using encryption for daily communication.